MeerKAT Galaxy Clusters Legacy Survey

Welcome to the web-home of the MGCLS

Astronomers are continuously striving to image the sky with increasing sensitivity and resolution. The new era of radio astronomy is here, with powerful telescopes like MeerKAT able to image the sky deeper and with better sensitivity to fine-scale structure and diffuse large-scale emission than ever before.

The MeerKAT Galaxy Clusters Legacy Survey (MGCLS) is a programme of long-track MeerKAT L-band (900–1670 MHz) observations of 115 galaxy clusters, observed between June 2018 and June 2019, with target clusters observed for ~ 6-10 hours each. The MGCLS can be used for a wide range of science, including galaxy star formation and AGN activity, cluster dynamics and magnetism, and studying neutral hydrogen in the nearby Universe. A series of Legacy Data Products are made available for use by the astronomical community.

Details of the survey and its science capabilities are presented in the survey overview paper.