MeerKAT Galaxy Clusters Legacy Survey


Survey overview and DR1 release: 

Knowles, Cotton, Rudnick, et al. 2021, The MeerKAT Galaxy Cluster Legacy Survey: I – Overview and Highlights, Accepted for publication in A&A, online pre-print: arXiv:2111.05673

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Other publications:

  • Searching for high-z radio galaxies with the MGCLS, Knowles, K., Manaka, S.M., Bietenholz, M.F., Cotton, W.D., Hilton, M., Kolokythas, K., Loubser, S.I., Oozeer, N., 2021, Galaxies, 9, 89., online e-print: arXiv:2110.14986

  • One Source, Two Source(s): Ribs and Tethers, Rudnick, L., Cotton, W., Knowles, K., Kolokythas, K., 2021, Galaxies, 9, 81.